Cope Management VO Express

We've been helping creative advertisers and content creators find the right voice for their projects for over thirty years.

Cope Management is a multi-service Voiceover management company. We handle any and all voiceover requests and will try to work within any budget big or small! We represent a wide selection of versatile voiceover talents of different ethnic backgrounds, languages and accents to choose from who specialize in promo, trailer, commercial, animation, videogames, ADR, narration, and more.  

Whether you need an authoritative Voice of God announcer for your next trailer or a silly cartoon voice to play your superhero dog, we’ve cultivated a roster of experienced and diverse voiceover Talent to meet your every need. Fast turnaround time? No problem. We pride ourselves in getting auditions back to you on the same day! 

Some of our Talent also can provide script translations and foreign language producing services at an additional cost. While we don't set our Talents' translation rates, we can offer you a quote for your project. We currently represent Talent that provide translation/producing services for Spanish, Canadian French and Japanese languages.  

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How does the voiceover audition Process Work?

  • Send us your script, budget, and type of voice you're looking for.

  • The first audition is always free! Yep, free auditions!

  • We will send you back submissions/custom VO demos within a couple of hours, if not sooner.

  • Once you find a voice you want to hire, we will help schedule a directed voiceover session. It’s as easy as that!

  • The CM team will only send you top tier Talent which meets your projects specifications. We won’t waste your time by sending you voices you aren’t looking for!

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